About this wiki

Hi, I'm Stian HĂ„klev (about me), a PhD student at OISE/University of Toronto. I use this wiki to take notes from my research on computer-supported collaborative learning, including articles I read, ideas I have, and conferences and meetings that I attend.

Tech setup

This is a DokuWiki install. I use a local version of DokuWiki to take notes, and use rsync to sync the pages with a public install of DokuWiki to make it available to the public, sharing my notes in the spirit of being an open scholar.

I have written some Ruby scripts to integrate the wiki with Skim and BibDesk, and documented this extensively, together with a screencast of how I use the wiki on my local system.

Plugins that I am using (some I might be just testing out) (annotated list).

Internal links

I use some internal links in this wiki that will not be useful to others (these are part of the system mentioned above). On article pages, the PDF and BibDesk links, as well as the page numbers after the highlights, open the citation in BibDesk or the file in Skim (I will document these later). Sidewiki opens the highlights and the note page side by side, for me to work on processing the highlights into structured notes.

(If there is a skimx: link to a PDF, it means I have the PDF for that particular article. Although I cannot put all of these online - as much as I would love to - I'd be happy to send you any of them, if you cannot get access to them in other ways)


These notes are very rough, and I make no warranty about how complete or correct they are (I might also misunderstand, mishear or otherwise misrepresent meetings or presentations that I take notes from).

You can contact me by e-mail at shaklev@gmail.com. Blog.


  • The logo comes from The Hills Are Alive @ flickr (CC BY)